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sex educator Irene Aterido monthly in ELLA is a community that celebrates and connects queer women and non-binary people from around the world.

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ELLA is a community that celebrates and connects queer women and non-binary people from around the world. We are dedicated to providing a safe and high-quality environment for queer women and non-binary folks to thrive, learn and have fun together. Rooted in our values of solidarity, authenticity, inclusivity, intersectionality and courage, we want to identify, promote and facilitate the community’s specific needs.

Join us in Queer Sex Ed Talks with Irene Aterido, sex therapist and couples counselor based in Madrid (Spain), resident speaker (sex educator) in ELLA Global Community, the world leading lesbian, bisexual NB and queer women international app

WHEN: 22nd September 8 pm – 9 pm CEST

TITLE: Making Sexual Pain Visible

Description: For those who are not familiar with your line of work, can you describe for us what a sexologist does? What made you want to work within sexual health and education? How is sexual pain defined? When can we say “this vulvar/vaginal/perineal sensation is  “a pain”  “a side effect of intense and joyful penetrative sex”or “a discomfort” … and how should we handle each of them (a, b,c)? When should somebody visit a medical professional? Which type of health professional should they seek out? Should I be concerned about these sensations , discomfort or pains if I am not interested in sexual penetration at all? How can I take better care of my vagina/inner genitals even if I do not practice penetrative sex? There will be Questions and answers from the audience (in English)!

Speaker: Irene Aterido (Madrid, Spain)
sex and couples counsellor
sex-positive therapist (talk therapy, mind-body, sensory awareness)
health coach: menstrual&urogynecological health, chronic diseases, pelvic and vulvar pain, STI in minorities and ppl with vulvae
Menstrual cycle and queer people, LGTBIQA*, kink-,  poly- friendly workshops
OB/Gyn violence-trauma-informed and patient’s rights trainings on endometriosis and adenomyosis
interculturality and diversity-wellcoming online office (speaks Deutsch, Français, English, a little bit of Portuguese and Catalan)

Consulta de sexología

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