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queer sex ed talks by Irene Aterido sex educator for ELLA international

third season of Queer Sex Ed Talks with sex educator Irene Aterido in ELLA Global lesbian app

queer sex ed talks by Irene Aterido sex educator for ELLA internationalELLA is an app that celebrates and connects queer women and non-binary people from around the world. They are dedicated to provide a safe and high-quality environment for queer women and non-binary folks to thrive, learn and have fun together. Rooted in their values of solidarity, authenticity, inclusivity, intersectionality and courage, they identify, promote and facilitate the community’s specific needs. They invited me once more to be their resident sexologist for the next 10 Queer Sex Ed Talks:

Thursday 12/05 at 21.00
Thursday 09/06 at 21.00
Thursday 14/07 at 21.00
Thursday 18/08 at 21.00
Thursday 15/09 at 21.00
Hablar de la regla con tu hija
Charlas de sexualidad para lesbianas, charlas educación sexual mujeres queer, sexología para mujeres LBT

For the Spanish sex ed talks

Sunday 22/05 at 22.00
Sunday 19/06 at 22.00
Tuesday 21/07 at 22.00
Sunday 14/08 at 22.00
Sunday 25/09 at 22.00

Irene will speak about different topics researched on sex education, couples well being, mental health, sexual health and STI, non monogamies, boundaries and attachment…

There are always Questions and answers , interactive lesbian sex talks, participative bisexual sex ed talk, with the audience (in Spanish & English)!

Conductors: Danielle Siqueira (Brazil)
Guest Speaker: Irene Aterido (Madrid, Spain): sex and couples counsellor; sex-positive therapist (talk therapy, mind-body, sensory awareness); health coach: menstrual&urogynecological health, chronic diseases, pelvic and vulvar pain, STI in minorities and ppl with vulvae, Menstrual cycle and queer people; LGTBIQA*, kink-,  poly- friendly workshops; OB/Gyn violence-trauma-informed and patient’s rights trainings on endometriosis and adenomyosis; interculturality and diversity-wellcoming online office (speaks Deutsch, Français, English, a little bit of Portuguese and Catalan)

Consulta de sexología

L-V de 11:00-21:00

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